TNT is a youth ministry focused on educating teens in the Word of God so that they have the tools that they need to walk in the spirit of Christ.  TNT deals with issues that are relevant to today and gives teenagers the direction that they need to navigate through the storms and temptations that face them in our society.

Under the direction of Swoncel Blakey, our teens are guided through open and honest discussions about things such as: peer pressure, drugs, music, sex, anger, violence, dating, friendships, fashions, etc.  Sister Blakey teaches our youth to adhere to Bibical precepts and exercise faith and boldness in what they believe.

In addition to being taught the Word of God, TNT enjoys group outings at the local community center where they play basketball and volleyball.  They attend concerts together and enjoy games and pizza parties.  Many of the TNT members are also involved in the Drama Department, Youth Choir, and Praise Dance. (See Photo Album on the home page)

TNT Offers

  • The Word of God: A path to Salvation through Jesus Christ.
  • Local outings, basketball, concerts, parties, etc.
  • Involvement in the Drama Dept., Youth Choir, and Praise Dance.
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