Men in Motion is an evangelistic ministry that reaches out to the community in creative ways that demonstrate the love of God.

Men in Motion endeavors to change the hearts and minds of men through spreading the gospel of Jesus Christ.

Men in Motion sponsors and participates in block parties, concerts, picnics, marches, peace rallies, and prayer vigils to reach out to the community in an effort to bring unity to the city.

Men in Motion has a live call-in radio program during the months of March through October that allows the community to express their views concerning the things that effect our society.

(To listen to the broadcast: KGGN am890 Thursdays 6pm-6:30pm)

Men in Motion promotes the strength of the family by teaching men to take responsibility for their actions that directly affect women, children, church, and community.


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You can control your actions, but you can't control the consequences!