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 Pastor Otis L. Cobbins Jr. and his wife Christina were directed by the Holy Spirit to start a non-traditional church where all people were welcome to come and worship the Lord Jesus Christ in Spirit and in Truth.  From the beginning of his ministry Pastor Cobbins has had a heart for evangelism and teaches others the importance of spreading the gospel. 

When Pastor Otis met Christina in high shcool, he did not know that through divine province that she would be the love of his life and his helpmate in ministry.

During the years he spent at Macedonia Missionary Baptist Church under the pastoral leadership of the late Pastor Otis L. Cobbins, Sr., our pastor served as an associate minister and held numerous positions in teaching and evangelism such as: Men's Sunday School Teacher, New Membership class teacher and director, Young Men's Outreach ministry teacher and director, Brotherhood Bible Class teacher, and Director Evangelism.  In addition to holding these positions, Pastor Cobbins has been involved in county jail ministries in Kansas and Missouri, and late night street evangelism with Bread of Life Outreach Ministries of Kansas City, Kansas.

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